I’m Eric. Finnish American brand and interactive designer. As a kid, I was always drawing - comic characters, skate parks, and custom Nike's. My dad was an engineer, so we were often tinkering with computers - he taught me how they worked, and how to build one from scratch. These two experiences collided later on in my life to send me down the path of becoming a graphic designer. Led by optimism and wonder - I create original, contemporary experiences with intention and reason to exist. I’m interested in work that is human focussed - centered in collaboration, thoughtfulness, and clarity.

        I’ve worked with companies big and small - across the US from Washington, San Francisco, Boston, Portland, New York and more. I have 10+ years of cross-disciplinary experience in the areas of Brand, Visual Design, Interactive, and Systems. I've worked with huge brands such as Apple, Nike, Facebook Labs, and Google - and smaller, boutique companies and start-ups. I’ve collaborated with agencies Moniker, Alright Studio, Instrument, Basic®, Huge, Elephant, This, and Turnstyle - and worked with many start-ups including Duolingo, Wistia, Sessions, and Treehouse. I also keep a steady stream of personal projects going to try out new things and continue developing my perspective as a designer and artist.

Portfolio available upon request - ericsmith.ws@gmail.com

Let’s be internet friends - Email, Linkedin, Instagram