I’m Eric Smith, ES. Finnish American brand and interactive graphic designer. As a kid, I was always drawing - comic characters, original alphabets, custom Nike’s. My dad was an engineer, so we were often tinkering with computers - he taught me how they worked, and how to build one from scratch. These two experiences collided later on in my life to send me down the path of becoming a graphic designer. Led by optimism, wonder and Scandinavian spirit - I create timeless, contemporary experiences with intention and reason to exist. I’m interested in work that is human focussed - centered in collaboration, thoughtfulness, and clarity. Based in WA, I’ve worked with companies big and small - across the US from Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Portland, New York and more. I have 10+ years of cross-disciplinary experience in the areas of Brand, Visual Design, Interactive, and Systems.

Brand Collaborations
Apple, Nike, RicherPoorer, Facebook Reality Labs, Google, Netflix, Burton Snowboards, Cohaesiv, Zero Motorcycles, Dry Soda, Element Skateboards, HOW Magazine, MTV, Seattle's Best Coffee

Digital Products
Sessions, Rho, Duolingo, Jumprope, Wistia, Treehouse

Agency Collaborations
Moniker, AlrightStudio, Instrument, Basic®, Huge, Elephant, This, Turnstyle, C&V, Seven2, DH, Creature.

Currently working with Nike, North America Team and taking on select contract projects and engagements.

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Portfolio available upon request.
C. 2022 — arr.